Excerpt from Butoh Techno Spectacle recorded in 2017 at Osrodek Postaw Tworczych in Wroclaw

video edit by Maciek Piątek

Series of video clips created by Maciek Piątek for the album Four Furry Animals Expecting to be Stroked by Someone

Video clip by Maciek Piątek for the Drum meets Piano recorded by ALEJAR

Video clip by Maciek Piątek for the Primal Intuition by Fanfare

Video clips by Krzysztof Landsberg, music from the album Snow Is a Sun For the Eskimo by Filip Zawada

Train Odyssey experimental video by Maciek Piątek with music by Shepherds of Cats and Panelak

Video excerpt from the Markus Wenninger and Shepherds of Cats & Vj Pietrushka concert. The musicians performed world premiere of Joe Pignato’s Naturalinee2, based on Joe’s visual scores.

Shepherds of Cats, recording session for the virtual album Blood, Shed and Ears