Tales from the Bleached Chameleon

For me, this album is totally unique. The title itself transports me internally to the world of memories and evokes a number of pleasant connotations. I don’t know if the authors did this intentionally or not, but the melody of the words Tales and Bleached and Chameleon is completely unique. Try not to infer meanings from the words for a moment, but listen to the fleeting melody of the words: Tales from the Bleached Chameleon. It’s as if drops of water were falling from great leaves after a summer storm, or snow lit up with pixels of red in the rising sun. The recording reminds me of old radio plays, where the story takes us into some completely different world without the obtrusive literalness of what we see. Now it’s hard to imagine such a thing, but in the past emotions were evoked more by what we hear than by what we see. This album is a tribute to the word and its content, which comes into being only when it is processed by our inner ear. Shivers run down my spine. Get into this story. I really invite you to do so.


artwork: dark projects

ALBUM RELEASE: Muscle atrophy in a squirrel’s left leg by Shepherds of Cats & Panelak


20150513_Muscle atrophy in a squirrel's left leg

This collaboration between Shepherds of Cats (Anglo Polish improv band) and experimental label honcho (Angurosakuson) Pascal Ansell aka Panelak resulted in full-length CD-R, kaleidoscopic electronics, noise squalling and office poetry …


Album release: Snow is a sun for the Eskimo by Filip Zawada

“The Eskimo gets up in the morning and never wipes his eyes off.
His dog is blind and that’s why it always follows its own footsteps.
In the arctic circle, albinos have black eyes and they never dance because they do not melt. We call those albinos – snowmen.
Eskimo changes his pounds into pennies and adopts seven bees who turn out everything he has ever experienced”

20150112_Snow Is A Sun For The Eskimo

This is a hand-made CDR not CD. Limited edition. Very nicely done. Recordings were taken during improvised session. It includes unlimited streaming of Snow is a sun for the Eskimo via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.