Album Release: Turtle lives in a terrarium by Filip Zawada

The album consisting of two tracks: Tide and Tide is Turning was recorded one afternoon on the house terrace using gongs with company of birds and dog. Cars presence, that is thought to be rather obstacle to record sound, was also very helpful. Many people who listened these recordings said it was calming down experience. There is a chance that everyday presence may have similar effect.

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Shepherds of Cats – Just rehearsal

Recorded in 4 parts over the period of 4 weeks, newly formed improvising trio Shepherds of Cats explore the outer limits of good taste and push the limits of what should be considered as acceptable in music. Each part could be a single album on its own but together their recorded rehearsals set new paths that the band explores. Using plethora of different instruments and improvisation as their working method they create sonic stories and worlds drenched in incredulity of their own existence.

Just rehearsal, Part 1 September 17, 2014

Just rehearsal, Part 2 September 22, 2014

Just rehearsal, Part 3 September 30, 2014

Just rehearsal, Part 4 October 13, 2014

Other virtual records can be found here.