Beanbag Universe by Lone Arrivals, sets the star to drive to ‘squelchy’ and the navidial to ‘abstract’ …

Lone Arrivals – guitars, chimes, vibes, autoharp, dulcimer, tiny pianos,
door harp, faux sitar, tiny orchestration, sundry percussives, rattle,
echo and garble

and guest starring Jan Fanfare /Shepherds of Cats / – vacuum cleaner, virtual radiophoria,
source and treatments

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ALBUM RELEASE: Chikako Okada, Filip Zawada, Aleksander Olszewski, Adam Webster, Jan Fanfare

20170529_Five layers

Five musicians, who hasn’t seen one another during the recording session.
Each of them recorded one layer of each of the five pieces.
Somebody started the piece, recording the first layer in complete silence.
Second person recorded the next layer.
Each one had to think about the other person to leave enough space for another recorded layer.

On this record, just like in real life, each of us speaks the FIRST word, somebody ANSWERS with his own word, to say at the very end just once THE LAST WORD.

ALBUM RELEASE: Ayako Ogawa & Filip Zawada

“What time is it?” she said to the man sitting next to her – the third person in a row that she had asked the same question.
“Half past three,” he replied.
“Do you have any money for me?”
“Are you kidding?! You don’t look poor or crazy!”
The man next to her, drinking Jever, was only half right. If we sit next to someone just for a minute, there’s only one thing we don’t know: whether they are crazy or not.
I left her with her thoughts, like an epitaph: eat your chips in peace.

20170428_Ayako Ogawa&Filip Zawada

For me, many situations like this are associated with this record.
Limited edition: CDR 100 copies
Hand made cover (letterpress)